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A spotlight on Fuel Juice Bar

By Grand Central 20 Jan 2016





Why did you want to work at Grand Central?

Grand Central is a stunning, state of the art, world class destination. I am so proud to be part of this amazing shopping and quality dining experience - it is genuinely an exciting time to be working in this fantastic environment.

Grand Central compliments our company brand here at Fuel Juice Bars, as we too are a thriving, dynamic, fresh and fabulous brand and we all feel connected to the vibrant buzz that is unique to Grand Central.

It's an amazing place to work as there are so many major brands, premier restaurants and inspiring top fashion stores on our doorstep that it creates such an energy from the minute you open.

Our freshly prepared smoothies and super juices are made directly in front of our customers and this adds a live, exciting element of food theatre that totally embraces the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area.


What do you love about Birmingham?

Birmingham is brilliant! The diverse culture, arts, thriving food and fashion industry is what makes Birmingham so dynamic.

There is so much happening in Birmingham that you are constantly energised by the new ideas, people and events that take place here.

Birmingham is a cool place to live, shop and enjoy. There is such an eclectic food scene - I am delighted to be part of that scene working here at Fuel Juice Bars - it's an exciting time to live and work in Birmingham.


Why did you want to work in the food industry?

I really enjoy working at Fuel Juice Bars as it reflects my passion for creating fruit smoothies and juices. I have always been interested in cooking, developing new recipes and entertaining so to work here combines my love of working with food and engaging face to face with customers.

You have to have confidence, personality and flair to be able to make the smoothies and talk to the customers, as you are front facing.

I really enjoy the art of juicing, it's a fantastic skill to learn and our bespoke training to make all the smoothies and juices is an in demand talent right now, especially with the phenomenal popularity of juicing.


What do you love about working for Fuel Juice Bars?

Working at Fuel Juice Bars Grand Central is simply fruitabulous!

The combination of the amazing destination of Grand Central and Fuel Juice Bars fresh and funky brand makes it a fantastic, on trend place to work.

Fuel Juice Bars are the UK's leading chain of juice and smoothie bars serving freshly made fruit juices and fresh, natural low fat fruit smoothies. We all share the company ethos working here at Fuel, which is a passion for a fun working environment and living a healthy lifestyle.

Our team of expert juicologists are trained to give our customers the very best power smoothies and super juices and they really are fruitastic!

The atmosphere working here is a real feel good factor and to be part of an innovative, expanding company is very inspiring. There is a great team spirit and lively camaraderie every day that makes working here so special.

It's got the wow factor working here and our customers really love our smoothies and juices, so there is an immediate rapport and mutual appreciation of the product we sell, which makes it so much more rewarding working here. We know our customers are super fans of our juices and smoothies and this makes it a berry good place to work!


What are your recommendations?

Fuel Juice Bars offer a healthy range of deliciously fresh fruit power smoothies and super juices and are all 99.9% fat free so they are perfect for a healthy January. My top three juices and smoothies would be:


1: Strawberry Dream Fruit Smoothie - Strawberries, banana, 100% apple juice and fat free frozen yoghurt.

This is a fruit filled favourite with everyone but it’s packed with strawberries and bananas making it nice and sweet – and one of my favourites!


2: Green Machine Super Juice - Apple, pineapple, cucumber, lime and avocado.

This is a powerful nutrient and vitamin packed super juice that is perfect for a January detox and will set you up with energy for the whole day!


3: Breakie Blast Power Smoothie - Strawberries, banana, toasted muesli, honey, low fat milk, fat free yoghurt with ‘energy fuel’ (which is an injection of ginseng, green tea, vitamin B6 & B12 and guarana).

This is our number one best seller. It’s essentially a good morning in a cup! It’s a great way to start your day energised and alert.  Packed full of fruity goodness and the very best vitamins, minerals and nutrients - this power smoothie really does help you blast your way through the day!

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