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A spotlight on Kiehl's

By Grand Central 22 Nov 2015

Kiehl’s #SpotlightOn

Customer representative


Why did you want to work at Grand Central?

It’s a new development in Birmingham which has a very different feel to the rest of the city. There is currently a massive spotlight on Grand Central which felt exciting, I knew straight away I wanted to be a part of it.

What do you love about Birmingham?

It’s a very well developed city that has a lot to offer! I love that it’s so close to London but as the second city, it’s nowhere near as hectic as the capital. I like that it’s far less crowded.

I’ve lived in Birmingham for one year now, I was born and raised in London and then I spent about 10 years in Malaysia where my family live. I love living and working here and look forward experiencing more of the city.

Why do you like working for Kiehl’s?

Kiehl’s are an independent company that I’m very proud to be working for because we are very much community based, we always say it’s not about making sales, it’s about making friends. Here at Kiehl’s we want to educate the community about looking after your health and your skin from top to toe. I love being part of a company that want to give back to society by educating people. We welcome customers like they are our friends coming in to our own home.

Why did you want to work in the beauty industry?

I’ve always been a fan of makeup but in order to have nice make up, you need healthy skin underneath which is why I wanted to be part of such an amazing company that really focuses on helping customers achieve healthy skin.

It also ties in with my PHD in chemistry, at Kiehl’s we always educate our customers, not just about the products but what the ingredients are and how that will benefit them and tackle whatever skin concerns they may have.

What are your recommendations?

Everything! As skin specialists, we provide products from top to toe: hair care, body care, skincare, anything that’s to do with the skin,. If I had to pick one product to recommend, it would be the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, it is suitable for everybody unless you have acne-prone skin. It’s an amazing facial oil that you use at night, just 2 drops. It’s essentially healthy skin and a full 8 hours sleep, in a bottle, it enhances your circulation while you sleep and helps your skin repair itself much quicker, so you’ll wake up with amazing skin.

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