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A spotlight on Monsoon Accessorize

By Grand Central 22 Jan 2016





Why did you want to work at Grand Central?

It's a new place of happiness in the city. It’s a place where everyone can get together and not only share, but also experience great memories with one another. Whether it be through food, something they see, a gift or even an outfit for an occasion, I wanted to be a part of creating those magical moments.
What do you love about Birmingham?

I love the diversity of people from various backgrounds and age groups, from toddlers to senior members of the public and all their cultures and traditions, brought from different food and celebrations. I also love the hustle and bustle of the fast paced industries this city, my hometown, has to offer.
Why do you like working for Monsoon?

Monsoon as a company stands for what I believe in, which is love, respect and appreciation to detailed bespoke craftsmanship. Its dynamics and focus on the genuine wellbeing of members of the public and what we as a company can offer people in order to help aid them into feeling good about themselves, is something I really believe in. Monsoon provides discreet and confidential customer care, therefore improving self-confidence!
Why did you want to work in the fashion industry?

Working in the fashion industry helps me achieve and provide a credible experience in helping people present themselves through their personality. My passion has always been to bring out the best in every individual.
What are your current fashion recommendations?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are and wear what you want.  Try new things and dare to be different!

If you're looking for inspiration for a 'date night' or a night with the girls then I would recommend trying:

An outfit idea perfect for the winter weather:

If you have a winter holiday planned and need some beachwear essentials then I would suggest:

If you're looking for pretty partywear outift for your little girl then I would recommend:

To book your complimentary personal shopping experience with Reena at Monsoon Accessorize in Grand Central, please call 0121 643 4011 or visit the store.


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