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A spotlight on Paul UK

By Grand Central 17 Nov 2015

Paul UK #SpotlightOn

Ashley Roberts

What do you like about Grand Central?

It’s a cool place to work because there’s a real spotlight on Birmingham at the moment. We’re seeing lots of customers coming through the doors, not just local people but from all over the UK too. There’s loads of different shops and restaurants which makes it an exciting place to work and visit.

What do you love about Birmingham?

I’m from Solihull, so even though I’ve lived just outside of Birmingham all my life, the city is somewhere I’ve haven’t really explored.  But, there’s a lot happening here at the moment which means plenty of opportunities and many things to experience.

Why did you want to become a baker?

Well I had been working in front of house all my life and it was getting a bit stale (no pun intended), so I thought I’d try something new where I could use my creativity and build some new skills. I’d been watching the bake off which inspired me to become a baker.  I’m really enjoying it so far, the early starts can be a bit challenging but, you can be really artistic and try different things. I’m no Paul Hollywood but I’m getting there.

What makes Paul UK stand out?

Everything is fresh, made on site rather than brought in frozen.

What would you recommend from Paul UK?

The eclairs are really good – both the coffee and chocolate flavours.  The crème pâtissière filling is delicious.

What do you enjoy baking the most?  

There’s nothing better than baking bread from scratch. From kneading, proving and shaping the bread there’s a real skill to making the perfect loaf, which with practice, anyone can try at home.

Not to mention the smell, nothing beats freshly baked bread.

Why do you like working for Paul UK?

It’s a really great company to work for because they have a real investment in developing and training their staff. Prior to starting the job I was sent on a 5 week training course in London, with all expenses paid for. On the course, they taught me all the skills I needed to be fully equipped for my new role.  This was an invaluable experience, and even I’m not a baker forever, the skills I was taught will stay with me for life. 

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