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A spotlight on Tortilla

By Grand Central 18 Jan 2016




Why did you want to work at Grand Central?

It was a great opportunity to work within such an exciting location. There is always a buzz and there is truly nothing else like it. There is a great variety of shops and places to eat, so it was something I really wanted to get involved with.

What do you love about Birmingham?

I love how there is always something to do in the city, no matter what day or time. Birmingham also has lots of diversity and culture and, as a city, is constantly improving and expanding. I have only recently moved from Leeds to Birmingham but, already, I can see that it is somewhere that I want to stay long term.

Why do you like working for Tortilla?

I love the family feel of working for Tortilla. No matter who you are or how long you have worked in the company, your voice is always heard. It is, and feels like, a home grown and loved idea, with original recipes being used constantly. Since starting at Tortilla as a line member, I have already progressed to assistant manager, so the progression opportunities are also great too!

Why did you want to work in the food industry?

I’ve always had a real interest in food ever since I was a child playing ‘restaurants’. This interest continued to grow and created a desire to work within hospitality. I love customer facing roles where you can constantly interact with new people and feel a sense of satisfaction when you provide them with the best dining experience possible. Seeing customers walk away happy makes all the hard work worthwhile!

What are your recommendations?

It’s a tough choice. If you’re on a January detox or want a lower carb option then the naked burrito is the perfect choice. Essentially, it's all the fun of a burrito minus the tortilla! And if you’re being really good, you can even swap the rice for lettuce to make a healthy salad.

My number one choice has to be the barbacoa burrito. One of Tortilla’s classic burritos stuffed with grass fed British Isles beef, seared, braised in a mellow adobo and then shredded – and then filled with everything! Rice, beans (or peppers and onions), salsa and cheese (or you could have sour cream if you prefer). The tender beef combined with guacamole and salsa work really well together.

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