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By Luxx Mint 5 Mar 2015

When I was asked to visit the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre to review the ballet I must admit I did hop on to Google to find out more about the story I was going to watch. Coppelia is described with the words magic and mayhem which, along with a sprinkling of humour, sum it up perfectly.
My friend and I took our seats in the stalls and not before long the incredible orchestra started. I can hand on heart say the music performed on the night was just as good as the dancing, I had goose bumps!




The story follows a young man Franz who has an eye for the ladies and his suffering fiancé Swanilda does all she can to stop his eye wandering. The young man is very taken with one young lady who turns out to be a doll created by Dr Coppeluis who tries all he can to bring her to life, plenty of chaos and stylish dancing ensue. The ballet is light hearted and funny throughout, the dancing, especially by the young lady playing Swanilda was stunning. The rest of the audience also agreed and by the end of the third act loud cheers and endless clapping was heard throughout the dancer encores.

A brilliant ballet was just the thing to remind me how much I love visiting the theatre especially one on my door step!





The Birmingham Royal Ballet is one of the cultural treasures of the City and this year celebrates its 25th birthday.
Photos courtesy of The Birmingham Royal Ballet.

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