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French Baking in the city

By Grand Central 16 Jul 2015

At PAUL you will always find the freshest bread baked throughout the day. Most of our bakers have been trained in France so they understand the importance of following the traditional methods in order to achieve the optimum quality.

PAUL is a family company built upon a foundation of time-honoured production methods that have been passed down for five generations.


From humble beginnings in 1889 as a small bakery in Lille, Northern France, PAUL’s recipes have been nurtured within and between families of keen bakers for over 125 years to create today’s well-known and internationally respected brand. PAUL continues to be a family-owned business built on the foundations of traditional French baking techniques.

There are no secrets behind our bread: water, PAUL flour, yeast, a touch of salt and a slow fermentation process that allows the dough developing its full flavour. We call it PAUL flour because it is milled from wheat grown exclusively for us by over 300 French farmers. This unique flour brings the finest flavour to our bread where no additives or preservatives are added.


It takes us up to seven hours to make a single loaf of bread. All the laborious process of long kneading, shaping and baking the bread at the right temperature is made by hand by our talented Artisan bakers that day after day deliver only the freshest bread in our shops.

We are really proud of the bread we bake and we want to share as much as possible the real French plaisir of enjoying exquisite fresh and warm bread with every meal now in Birmingham.


Our range of award-winning breads, including the Six-Cereals Bread (400g), winner of the Tiptree World Bread Gold Recognition Award 2014, come in all shapes and sizes, baked fresh each day making them ideal for mid-week lunching or weekend brunching. You can choose from our signature flûtes, made the old-fashioned way: just flour, natural yeast, sea salt and water; small olive and walnut breads; or our 400g nutty brown country-style Pain de Campagne.


Photos courtesy of PAUL.

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