Shop Opening Times 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Grand Central is open from 6.30am until 11pm with most restaurants open until we close

Grand Central Opening

By Grand Central 18 Sep 2015

We’re very excited about the launch of Grand Central, at 10.00 on Thursday, September 24, and the opportunity to bring you a new, premium shopping and dining destination in the heart of Birmingham.

As you’ll have noticed if you’ve been keeping an eye on our website, following us on Twitter, or through seeing all of the media coverage we’ve had in recent weeks, Grand Central will be bringing over 60 premium shops and restaurants to Birmingham, many are new to the city and we know there is a real excitement ahead of opening. These shops and restaurants sit around the atrium space underneath the amazing new roof which floods natural light into the centre and the station concourse beneath. Click here for a reminder of all the shops and restaurants coming to Grand Central.

You may have seen some photos, but there’s nothing really like seeing it with your own eyes, we’re sure you’ll be wowed and amazed!

You can’t help but to have noticed that there is plenty going on in the city just after we open, starting with the Birmingham Weekender event which takes place from Friday 25th, until Sunday 27th. This Arts and Culture celebration will be providing lots of events including a number of free on street performances around the city centre, which are worth a look whilst you are visiting us.

Another event taking place in September is the Rugby World Cup.  On the weekend of 26th and 27th September visitors from around the world are expected to travel through Birmingham to watch live games at Villa Park,  and some will be stopping off in the city to visit the fan park at Millennium Point which will be showing the England game live on Saturday evening.

With all of these exciting activities taking place just after we open we certainly expect the city to be buzzing with excitement, and there will be times throughout the day when things are busier than usual - so we’d recommend you plan your visit in advance. We are really looking forward to welcoming you to Grand Central whether as a shopper, a visitor or a commuter click here for information to help you plan your journey into Birmingham.

When we open, on 24th September the Grand Central car park will open at 9.45am with access into Grand Central including entrances from the car park through to Grand Central opening at 10.00am. We will be adding more helpful information on how to get here as well as all the best places to park on our website just before we open.

So, if we’ll meet you at Grand Central in our first week, or later, we’re sure you’ll soon fall in love with the premium shops and delicious food we have on offer – all alongside one of the biggest John Lewis stores in the UK!

Grand Central