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Kiehl's shows us skincare isn't just for women

By Ashley Innis 16 Oct 2015

With more and more men realising the benefits of a good skin care regime, it’s no wonder there are now a plethora of creams, lotions and other skincare products aimed specifically at men. But with so much choice and bold claims, it’s no wonder that choosing the right products feel overwhelming and somewhat challenging.

Until a few years ago choosing the right products for my skin type wasn’t something I’d ever considered, I was swayed by adverts or the simplicity of an ‘all in one’. Indeed it was only when away with friends a few years back that I actually decided to look into the range of products available.

The skin consultation couldn’t be simpler, 3 easy steps & free samples too !

Since then my choice of skincare products has generally been from Clinique – they have a range specifically designed for men and for different skin types and I’ve generally been happy with the results. However, with the arrival of the newly opened Kiehl’s store at Grand Central in Birmingham, I thought I’d go along and try out their free skin consultation service.

Entering the store I was greeted by a ‘Kiehl’s Customer Representative’ dressed in a white jacket – I wondered whether I was about to be subjected to some kind of clinical procedure ! However this attire dates back to the origins of Kiehl’s which started off in 1850 as old world apothecary and over the years has become the place to go to for skincare, hair and beauty products for both men and women.

Kiehl’s stock a great range for men & women

Unlike some other brands, Kiehl’s products don’t just make bold unsubstantiated claims, in fact quite the opposite as I learnt ‘through my free consultation. After around 5 or so minutes, a few questions about my current regime and products I use, I was provided with an overview of my skin type and a recommendation as to the best products to use to address the concerns I had raised.

The consultation area with my recommended products

Alongside the recommendation came a full explanation about the ingredients in those products and why and how they would address the concerns I had raised and exactly why the ingredients in my current products weren’t having the desired outcome – this isn’t something I’d previously experienced from skin consultations before but is a key feature of Kiehl’s service – all of their products clearly list their benefits, put quite simply ‘they do what they say on the tin’!

The two products I purchased were Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash and Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment. The foaming face wash was to address a concern I raised about my current face wash leaving my skin feeling dry and the eye treatment was to give my eyes a lift as I felt I was looking pretty tired. I’ve now been using both for a coupe of weeks and I’m certainty noticing the benefits – in fact earlier this week a colleague commented that I look different and my face looks brighter and fresher !

The two items i bought following my consultation

If a skin consultation isn’t for you and you’re quite happy making your own choices then there’s certainly enough help on hand. In store Kiehl’s have a dedicated section for men where you can find a range if products tailored specifically for men, whether it’s to help with pre or post shaving, skin hydration, anti ageing, products for a particular skin type or concern or just a general helping hand to look fresher, Kiehl’s dedicated menswear range has it all.

Kiehl’s dedicated mens section has everything you’ll need for a great skincare

If you’re not so confident and need a helping hand, I’d recommend taking a look at Kiehl’s ‘customer favourites’ section which shows the 10 most popular current products and a short description of their features and benefits. If you need more information or some further advice you can always seek this from one of the friendly helpful staff.

If time is tight, or you’re someone who likes to do their research in advance, the Kiehl’s healthy skincare routine finder will help you make the right choice about the product to suit your skin or any specific issues or concerns you have.

The top 10 most beloved skin care products

Kiehl’s is also great place if you’re buying a gift for someone and if you’re looking for a  Christmas gift idea Kiehl’s is certainly worth a visit – you can either pick from one of their suggested gift sets or with the help of their customer representative you can create your own bespoke set from their range of in store  or online products.

Kiehl’s even have a dedicated gift wrapping station at the Grand Central store


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