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Out with the old in with the new

By Emily Jayne 6 Jan 2015

It’s that time of year again where we make resolutions, shake up our routines, and generally vow to be much, much less naughty than we were last year!

However, amongst all that gym joining, careers planning and eschewing of chocolate, have you ever thought to apply the same approach to your beauty routine? Yup, it’s time for the beauty detox!

Let’s start with those makeup brushes. When was the last time you washed them? You really should be giving them a good clean every week. It’s not just the build up of different makeup products that makes them less effective (nothing like going to sweep a pale shimmery eyeshadow all over your lid and accidentally giving yourself a panda look from last week’s smokey eye experiments!) but also think of the build up of dirt & oil from using them on your face constantly. You can get specialist brush cleaners (I love this one from Clinique, you can use it for quick ‘spot cleaning’ too, just spritz on and wipe with a tissue) or baby shampoo works really well. (Don’t use your everyday shampoo though, they tend to have silicone or other shine enhancing ingredients that can ruin your brushes over time.

emily jayne grand central

Massage your chosen cleanser into the brush, then run under the hot tap, and marvel at how much muck comes out! For stubborn concealer, foundation or lipstick build ups try a little olive oil. Set your brushes to dry on some kitchen towel, if possible angling down towards the bush end slightly to stop water running down into the base of the brush and loosening the glue! (This is also why you should never submerge your brushes completely.

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Next, let’s get rid of all that old make-up and skincare that’s been cluttering up your collection. Divide your make-up/skincare into piles – stuff that you never use, stuff you use occasionally and stuff that you use every day. The stuff that you never use – why are you keeping it? Chuck it or give it to a friend who you think may love it. The stuff that you use occasionally – here we need to do an age/hygiene check. Look at the label  - there should be an open pot symbol on it with a number. This is the number of months you should keep the product after opening – after that it’s past its best. Not only will it probably not work how it should do, but it’s also likely to have collected all sorts of dirt, bacteria and nasties from your face and fingers. Also check for old eyeshadows and powders that have gone a bit crusty, and any products that have separated or smell funny – it should go without saying that they should not be going on your face!

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Now, you should be left with a clean, lovely make-up and skincare collection that is all stuff that you love and use! Hurrah! Check to see if there are any gaps – it should be a lot easier to see now. Could you do with an eye cream? Are you using sunscreen? These would both be great new years resolutions (You can get a great skin care assessment from Kiehl’s – they were able to suggest a couple of products for me to add into my routine that made a big difference.) You could treat yourself to some new storage for the new year, but there’s no need to spend a fortune. I like to use pretty cups, mugs, trays and old glass candle holders that I have collected to keep it all in order.

Beauty detox complete – Happy New Year!

Photos courtesy of Emily Jayne