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Part 1: New to Birmingham

By Grand Central 1 Sep 2015


One of the strengths of Grand Central is our strong selection of both local retailers and ones you’ve never seen before in the city.

Our TH Baker store will mark a new high point for this historic West Midlands jeweller - they go back to 1888 and, whilst they’ve had good presence since the war, their hook up with popular brand Pandora has seen them reach new heights. Pandora offers new collections throughout each year, not just spring and summer but occasions like Mother’s Day. So if you’re in the station in future and suddenly remember you need something for Mum… you’ll know where to go.

You will doubtless have heard that Birmingham has more shoe shops than Milan. However, by contrast Hay on Wye definitely has more bookshops than us. So it’s great to see Foyles entering the fold at Grand Central. A great brand and a British institution, whose eccentric business practices were once the stuff of legend, Foyles are these days firmly on top of whatever’s new and cool. Right now they tell us that basically ‘gin is the new rock ‘n’ roll’. Sounds good. Apparently there are whole books now devoted to the subject, which certainly bears examination.  Although we do reserve the right to try some of the actual product after our launch.

A quick glance at Tiger proves their claim that they “always have something you can use”.  Believe it, Birmingham. Where else can you buy a small skateboard, some covers for your stiletto heels, a chess board and some blue poppy seeds in the 10 minutes while you wait for your train?  Brilliant.

Lastly, Newsflow are coming into Grand Central to offer news, confectionery and all the related convenience stuff, in their latest Birmingham store. This is a local retailer that’s been growing, even during the recession, they’ve built their business in the city on serving commuters and they’ll be a great building block for our offer to you.

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